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PlanetZappa.com is very proud to present this interview with Napolen Murphy Brock!

This interview was made in November 2002 and is exclusively published on PlanetZappa.com.

For more information about Napoleon Murphy Brock, please visit: www.napoleonmbrock.com


PZ: Hi Napoleon an welcome to PlanetZappa!
Napoleon: Thanks good to be here!

PZ: You are releasing a new CD (Balls) now, can you tell us some about it?
Napoleon: Yes, a sampler of sorts. A package of different musical directions that I will be traveling with my original compositions.

PZ: Have you written the songs by yourself?
Napoleon: Yes, all of the songs on the CD "Balls" are original compositions written by me.

PZ: And you're the producer, right?
Napoleon: Yes. I produced it myself for my publishing co Chopperletto Music Publishing.

PZ: What musicians are you working with on the album?
Napoleon: Many musicians from my home town of San Jose, Ca. Chester Thompson on drums, and Mike Keneally on guitar.

PZ: And now the important question, where can we order it?
Napoleon: From my website www.napoleonmbrock.com

PZ: Now when you have a new CD out, will there be any touring with your own band?
Napoleon: Not with my own band, which is yet to be formed, but soon. Hopefully after I finish my second CD that I'm currently working on.

PZ: But you mean that you're going on tour with other bands?
Napoleon: Yes. The Grandmothers (Don, Roy, and Bunk), Project Object of New Jersey/New York, and selected one nighters with Bogus Pomp of Florida.

PZ: Does this include any plan for a tour in Europe so we over here can see you?
Napoleon: Yes in February (2003) in Berlin, Germany with the Grandmothers. And possibly at least two other Zappa Cover Bands in Europe. We are in the talking stages now.

PZ: That's sounds great!

PZ: Another thing that many may be wondering is what you have been doing all these years after playing with Frank?
Napoleon: After Frank, about three years with "The George Duke Jazz/Funk Band. And composing original music.

PZ: Yes. Besides George Duke you have also been working with Ant-Bee, on what records out there can we hear your voice?
Napoleon: I am working on an album with Ant-Bee now, not yet finished. But with George Duke are the following: "Liberated Fantasies", "Don't Let Go", "Follow the Rainbow", "Master of the Game", "George Duke's Greatest Hits", "The Best of George Duke", and many many Frank Zappa albums.

PZ: Playing with Frank, you'd put a lot of feelings in the music with your voice and sax. Do you have any favorite tunes to sing, play or listen to?
Napoleon: Sure.
To sing - Village of the Sun, Idiot Bastard, Oh No I don't Believe It, 76' Tour Music.
To play - Inca Roads, Big Swifty, T'Mershi, and songs from the 76' Tour.
Listen to - Dub Room Special, and Live in Helsinki.

PZ: That's all great tunes! Is there any tour that you have special memories from?
Napoleon: The Dub Room Special/Live in Helsinki Tour, and the 76' Tour.

PZ: Any particular memory you want to mention?
Napoleon: No, its the entire Frank Zappa experience.

PZ: Do you have any contact with other former Zappa members?
Napoleon: Yes, George Duke, Chester Thompson, Don Preston, Roy Estrada, Ed Mann, and Bunk Gardner.

PZ: Ok, that's all for now. Thank you very much for taking time and answer our questions!!
- See you next time...

Napoleon: God Bless, and Happy Holidays,
- Respectfully, Napoleon Murphy Brock


Interview by: PlanetZappa.com
Copyright© 2002 PlanetZappa.com

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